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None of these random thoughts deserved their own post, so I am clustering them together. Pick and choose as you will. Add your own to the list!

1. DuoLingo - you are pissing me off. The ONE thing I am sure of in my second language is my accent. (Spelling can bite it as I learned the language orally/aurally, and that is why I am on DuoLingo - to learn to spell.) Natives think I am native until I have to say something complicated and my grammar fails me. About every third time when having to speak, the damn thing tells me I am unintelligible, and when I repeat SLOWLY, I get a low score. Fuck that.

2. Soccer/football - France out of the WWC, USA through. Brazil and Colombia crash out of the Copa America. SMH. I am somewhat disturbed that I find Dunga sexy.


3. Shark week - Of course. It’s a three day weekend, so why not spend the whole time riding the crimson wave.

4. Weather - if it rains any more, I am going to start building an ark.

5. Ex - Ex exhibited behavior that verifies why he is EX - asked to go out for drinks, texted last minute he forgot he was supposed to be at his cousin’s wedding. No, I didn’t believe that cock-and-bull story, nor had I gotten ready for said get-together. I know better than to get ready until he says he is 5 minutes away for this very reason. (We’re still friends, I just refuse to sleep with him or entertain his delusions that we are going to get back together and live happily every after.)

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