Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So some of my friends did a Kickstarter for a board game they're producing. They already have one game in the retail channel, so they're not totally inexperienced here — but this is branching out their formerly 2-person company into a much larger endeavor. Their initial goal was to raise $40,000 — but they've just passed $430,000 with 42 hours to go! And they have unlocked an unbelievable sixteen stretch goals.

I'm not trolling for links or pledges here — I'm just excited for them and amazed to see how well they're managing Kickstarter, which from what I've seen, has a wide range of poorly- to well-managed projects. I had previously backed one theater project (Shakespeare Iraq!), but now backed this plus one more game and one music project. Love it!


Have you found any particularly inspiring KS projects worth your support?

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