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Teavana has been having a 50% off sale on a lot of their fancy "holiday" loose-leaf teas, which I normally can't justify, but I placed an order a few days ago and it just shipped~ So excite! Tea fans, what are your favorites?

I bought:


Strawberry Rose Champagne

All the things I love! Strawberry, rhubarb... champagne? I LOVE CHAMPAGNE. (Doesn't everyone? Give me a $6 bottle of Spumante and some strawberries and my night is made.)

Peach Bellini Blush

Which is apparently sold out, since I can't find a link on their website. I haven't had this one, but it sounded delicious.


Strawberry Cream White Tea

I haven't had this one either, but it is supposed to taste like strawberries and cream, which sounds like joy and happiness in a cup, so I'll try it!


And, last, but not least, the


Berry Mint Cassis Rooibos

Another new tea, this one is the most interesting sounding (to me) of the flavors. Blueberry, currants, pineapple, mango, and then a bunch of mints and a bit of vanilla creme. I am so excited to try this.


They tossed in a random sample, too, which will be an interesting grab bag of something!

Also, is it just me, or would their tea pictures look better if they just included the loose leaf in close range, instead of with all the prop-looking fruits and stuff? I want to see the tea, not the fruits!

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