I am so excited, I have a few people interested in taking burlesque classes from me! I am starting this Thursday. I am a little nervous. My burlesque tends to be more neo, less classic which is what most people expect from a class. I am going to try to focus on some basics and encourage creativity - because that for me is the biggest thing: body positive expectations and creativity.

I have been compiling a list of music to use for classes - a lot of bump and grind, Post Modern Jukebox, and jazz. I think I will be starting classes off with things like walks, isolation movements, and removal of certain classic items of clothing like gloves, corsets and thigh highs.

The classes are going to just be for the new few weeks and then we will reconvene and see if we can keep evolving the class and moving forward. Drop in rate is going to be 20 dollars which should cover renting the space and give me a little extra on the side to help fund other projects!

We have been trying to have burlesque classes in where I live for a while but its been hard to get the ball rolling. Having this kind of evolve through emails and interested parties is very encouraging!

What would you want to learn if you were taking a burlesque class? What would you want to listen to? I AM SO EXCITED BUT NERVOUS.