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I am having a temper tantrum!

Everything is going wrong today. Nothing is going right, and I'm trying really hard to keep it together. Work was stupid, my car is stupid, I got mad at the grocery store (no, I don't know why!), I'm mad at my kitchen, my fucking Fitbit is fucking broken, and I have to fucking do it all again tomorrow. I just want to yell and stomp around!


Actual temper tantrums were never my jam, but fantasizing about throwing one was always cool. Some things never change?

I'm going to go for a run (THAT MY FUCKING FITBIT WON'T COUNT) to try to get some of my anger out.

What activities do you turn to when you're having terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days? Do you do high-energy shit to channel it outwards, or calming things to mellow you out?

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