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Excuses, Excuses

I was supposed to work this afternoon, but just got a call that my shift is being cancelled. That happens sometimes, since I work at a tutoring center and my boss can't really control when a kid will cancel.

So the real question is this: Does this count as a good excuse to stay in pajamas all day? I mean, it's already 1:30, so I may as well commit, right? And if I stay in pajamas, that means it's not a real productive day, so I can eat Halloween candy for lunch, right? And instead of doing productive things like finishing the last little bit of unpacking we have, I can just binge-watch the first season of Glee on Netflix, right? MrManzana is working out of town this week, so there is no motivation, because no one has to know. I just want to eat junk food, watch guilty-pleasure tv, and play with Oto all day.


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