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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Exercise people, can you help me exercise?

What's good on the exercise front for someone who doesn't want to lose weight, but has realized that she's almost thirty and that exercise is a vital, if vile, part of healthy adulting? I don't go to the gym since they don't let me exercise in my underwear (fascists), and I'm not really about running. I've got stuff, some free weights, ankle weight things, a stretchy band, jump rope and some other assorted shit that I've bought over the years, naively thinking that I would use them. I have a very pretty yoga mat (I'm going to try yoga, I swear it's already on my list!), seriously, it's quite lovely. Oh, and my wrists are wrecked from crocheting (I tried to do those things where you crouch, then pop out to a push up, then jump up and that isn't going to happen), I'm working on them, but in the meantime they need to be pampered.

I just hate it. I hate exercising and I always have, even though I played sports when I was younger. Basically, I also need help tricking myself into exercising so my heart doesn't die and my muscles don't atrophy. I don't have high goals. In fact, I'm currently celebrating ten pushups and some crunches as an achievement for the day.


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