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Exercise Tips: Dance-Based Cardio

So I just started Pilates, but because I've been doing it in the morning so far and my most free time has been at night, I've been feeling like I could do more. That may not make sense but I'm drunk and this seems like a good idea.

I want to try some cardio that may have some kind of tangible effect for me, that's not running because there is no possible way I could hate running more. Specifically, I would really like to learn some dance-based cardio workouts, but I'm not sure where to start or what's good on Youtube. I thought people on GT might have some kind of idea of channels/videos that have good dance videos that are geared towards cardio. Any tips, GTers?

I wouldn't start this until I was at least a week into the Pilates though because I want to make sure this is sticking, lol.

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