Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Exercises in futility.

Today I realized I've been holding the medical system to too high a standard. I forever promise to be grateful if doctors and nurses don't verbally assault me and charge at me like they're going to slam me into a wall. Who cares about competent medical care as long as I'm not afraid?

Proudest moment? Holding my ground and not calling security. I've got an entire wing of witnesses who saw a man more than twice my size charge at me and stop less than an inch from my face (when he breathed, his stomach hit me), and saw me do absolutely nothing in response. I he'll even get a stern talking-to, but A GROWN MAN TWICE MY SIZE CHARGED ME AND I STOOD MY DAMN GROUND. I was calm. Mama caterpillar (mama butterfly? I like that!) better be cheering me on in heaven because I AM THE BIGGER PERSON HERE.


Now, if only I could stop shaking. My chest is really starting to hurt from the adrenaline and stress.

I promise to eventually get to my post about Endometriosis Awareness. I know a couple of you guys were interested in it and I swear, I have been working on something. This week has just not been great. Fingers crossed this weekend is better and I can finish what I've got! Also, kinja please don't eat this (or any responses!) PLEASE KINJA!

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