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Exercising With A Chronic Illness?

I need some advice/guidance. CN: No mention of body size, numbers, or anything that I think could trigger. Let me know if I overlooked something, please!

Back story: Five years ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. It sucks horribly but I deal with it. Ever since my first flare-up I stopped doing what little exercise I was doing at the time (light yoga, core strengthening, etc). I need to start working out because I'm so tired of being weak.

I want to start running. What is the best way to do that? I went for a walk/jog thing for a mile (and downloaded Zombies, Run but I died both times the zombies were chasing me). It's three days later and I'm still having muscle pain from it. According to my high school health classes, you shouldn't push yourself during a workout if you're still sore from a previous one (muscles haven't repaired themselves fully and you get less of a benefit from working out than if you had waited for the muscles to heal).


1. Is that accurate? I don't know really anything about exercise and don't know if that's based on science or not.

2. Fibromyalgia means increased pain response and issues with repairing damage done to the body, according to my rheumatologist. If my health class was correct about the best way to gain strength through exercising, how do I factor in my increased pain response? Now, on day three, can I say "This lingering tenderness is probably just my fibro acting up, if I was living in a healthy body I'd have no pain, so I'm cool to go for a run again"? Or should I just take it slow just in case? Should I just walk on sore days rather than try to jog?

3. The reason I want to jump back on the jogging horse so quickly is to try to build up a habit of behavior before I get another full-blown flare (which means that I can't get out of bed or stand or really do anything). If you guys think it makes sense to take it really slowly, I will, but I have trouble forming routines and habits and would like to do so before the next flare so it's easier to jump back into running.

4. How did you form a routine of working out? This is all new territory for me so any perspective would be awesome.


Thanks in advance for any responses you can give me! I'm such a noob at all this that I have no one to ask but y'all.

ETA: I realized that this was a lot of questions. I have tried searching the web but everything I find is contradictory and I can't tell what is good science/medicine and what's bullshit. If you have a favorite website or blog or anything that is evidence-based info on exercise I'd love to see it!

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