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so, I had a boiling point today. I volunteer at a thrift store on my base with other moms. I can bring my hazel and socialize. There is this one woman who like snaps at me all the time. Today, I asked her not to do it anymore. She got super defensive and mean. And then I told the manager that I was going to take a break because the girl was being a bully. (The girl is a bully to her as well). She called me in hysterics crying and apologizing. I don't know what to do. I believe she is sorry. But I wish she wasn't mean all the time in the first place. The volunteering is my social outlet, you know? I know I need a new volunteer job but it is hard to find one with a baby.

I am tired of my community. It isn't my culture or values. They all gossip and say horrible things about each other. They lie and exaggerate. But I don't want to be isolated. But this isn't working and won't for the long run.


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