What is happening to me?! I promise I'm not really a short tempered person but here I am. I'm snappy and tired but I can't sleep. I am just telling myself this is what the third trimester of pregnancy is like but I don't remember it being like this before. I'm so winded easily and have to stop to catch my breath often. I used to be an athlete. :( Now folding laundry makes me tired. Crying all the time.

I'm usually so silly too. I am the queen of stupid puns and jokes of our apartment. I'm having trouble finding funny things to laugh about. Dog hair on the couch makes me angry cry. Dirty dishes in the sink? Angry cry. The scale is telling me that I am a little bigger today than I wanted to be-even though I'm completely healthy and normal? Angry cry. This is like the world's weirdest and longest period. Screw you, hormones.

ETA: I realized I haven't eaten all day too. Apparently I'm so forgetful I can't be bothered with basic functioning. :(