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Exhausted Mama having a rough time this week.

On Sunday, buddy and I went to a birthday party and he had a blast...up until he ran into a door and cut his eyeball and gave himself a black eye. I brought him to the doctor yesterday and he's got an antibiotic now to prevent any infection in case there was gross stuff on the door and he's a grouch and I'm exhausted. I missed work yesterday taking care of my pirate and was super productive around the house but now I have to work really early and stay late this week to try and make up for it. Stinks because I have to leave early Friday for an OB appointment.

I crapped out on the treadmill last night at 18 minutes and will have to try again tonight after I put the kid down for bed. Hubs is going out with his brothers tonight since he hardly ever gets to see them both at the same time (one lives in another city) but I'm not looking forward to chasing around and wrestling down a child for eyedrops and then forcing him to bed by myself. Kiddo is going to be fine, but I'm just so physically tired these days and feeling really overwhelmed. One day, I'd like a vacation just for me.


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