Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Y’all, I am losing my damn mind. Between commuting long to a job I hate and trying to do a bunch of art so I can quit said job, I’m getting really tired. Like...really tired. Like cumulative. I already have difficulty sleeping and the building exhaustion makes it harder. I take melatonin but that doesn’t help me STAY asleep.

This weekend, I tried to finish up a couple commissions and do some housework because I’m going out of town this next weekend, and I basically got like half of lots of things done. I moved very slowly and was distracted.

I’ve been “exhausted” before, like pulling all nighters in college or partying like crazy in my hey-day, but never just life exhausted in such a thankless and pervasive/long-lasting way. I’m realizing that I’ve never had this problem and I’m also realizing how lucky I am for that. I can’t quit my job until end of July at minimum (assuming I can save the money I’m trying to save or at least find a suitable part time job). I have to keep pushing on the art or it’s going to lose momentum - and I don’t know about you other creative types out there but I can barely function creatively when I can’t focus.


Ideas? Tips? Experience? Commiseration?

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