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Exhibit A

Last week I wrote about the Lafayette shooting, and part of my anger was that we seem to mostly care about gun violence only when it affects middle class white people. This week, I ask how many of you have heard about this story on your news, the way you heard about the Lafayette shooting?

Yesterday in New Orleans, in a traditionally black area of town (the Desire Projects), a man with an ASSAULT RIFLE opened fire IN A PARK (yes, a playground actually, full of children and families having get togethers on a Sunday) and shot four people. No reported deaths yet, although at least one person was shot multiple times in the chest and was airlifted in critical condition


The shooter escaped and is still at large, along with two other suspects.

The park they were in was named after Edith Sampson - one of the first black female lawyers, the first black person to officially represent the US at the United Nations, the first black US representative to NATO, and the first black woman elected as a judge in Illinois.

Someone give me any argument whatsoever to convince me that if this had happened in Sandra Day O’Connor park in Connecticut, it wouldn’t be the top story on CNN right now.

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