Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Existential Boredom

What does one do while waiting to graduate from college and move on and find a life? Yesterday marked the last big milestone for college, the big exam that everyone has to complete to get their major. It's done and now....nothing. A couple papers, a project. Job applications. (Which are going surprisingly well, I was interviewed and the woman said she really really likes me!)

But now WHAT DO I DO. I'm so BORED. Everything feels like waiting and I can't stand waiting. I won't even wait in a line over ten people for food. All of my assignments seem pointless. I love my friends but they're pretty busy finishing up their own capstones. Is this why everyone seems to descend into a haze of drugs and alcohol (I'd say sex too but I haven't found someone remotely interesting this semester) in their last two months of college?


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