When i was 19 my mother let it slip that i had been an unplanned child. Naturally i wanted to know more about it.

It was the end of the 80's, my parents were in their early 20's and had just started dating. I loved to hear the story of how they met, when i was a teen i would beg her to tell it to me. My mother was at a bar and a man was harassing her, being a drunken jerk to her when my dad came over and said "back off, i'm her boyfriend" My mom had never met my dad before, he stood up for her and apologized for the other's guys behavior. He didn't hit on her or want to buy her a drink, he saw she was in distress and wanted to help. My mom was immediately smitten with him. They started a long distance relationship for a few weeks over the phone then my dad asked her to move two states over to live with him. She made the move, to this day they are still married and very much in love.

After i found out i wasn't planned, i did the math of how long they were married/how old i was. They had married 4 months along with me. I was inside my mom's belly when they were in the courthouse. I so badly wanted to know that they didn't just get married because of me, but they did. I sat my mom down and told her everything i knew and demanded to hear it from her. In this conversation i found out that i might not have existed today. She told me how she considered having an abortion, she was not ready to have a child. She never wanted children (a trait i have picked up from her) It's a hard thing to hear, that you were a mistake, that you were going to be aborted. I might have never had to feel pain or love or... anything. My father's religion, begging and cash flow were the reasons i ultimately was born. I was the glue that kept my parents together and i was the stress that pushed them apart.

Much to my mother's surprise, i told her that i would have respected her decision to terminate her pregnancy with me. Of course i am glad that i am here, but i wouldn't resent her for choosing it. I am still pro-choice and i will always push for the woman's right to choose what the fuck happens to her body.