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Expensive Furniture

When I bought furniture the first time, I had a super small amount of money saved from my minimum wage summer job ($5.75/hr!) between college and grad school. I still have many of those pieces, bought from an unfinished oak warehouse, and finished on my parents’ back patio. Some of them suffered the wrath of Separation Anxiety FluterPup. Some of them haven’t survived the 3-4+ moves.

I had a little loveseat with a fold-out bed, so that people could visit me in San Francisco. It turns out that beige is a terrible color for a loveseat, and the loveseat size is super awkward for company, unless you want to make out with that company. My twenties were ... interesting.

I asked my parents to buy me a new couch as a graduation gift. They ... sort of obliged, and bought these two oversized leather chairs. (Both of them have proceeded to be scratched to holy hell by pets, so they are nice chairs but look terrible.) Still no couch.

We replaced that loveseat with a giant green couch when I moved in with FluterDude. I picked the green, but the couch isn’t necessarily my taste. While we were on our honeymoon, his cat developed a UTI and our petsitter failed at life, so the couch got soaked in cat piss. We had it professionally cleaned, and I’m pretty sure it’s only in my mind, but I swear sometimes I still smell it. So when we divvied up the household, I kept the ruined oversized chairs and he kept the piss-couch.

This leaves me living on my own with no couch. But perhaps a budget for the first time in ever? It turns out I like whimsical color and mid-century modern. (I KNOW I AM A CLICHE BACK OFF.)

All of this to say ... have any of you tried JoyBird? I see several that I could be persuaded to pay for, but am leery of the fully online experience. If not ... Pier1? Apparently they’re still around. I’m iffy on the quality, but I like the shapes.

West Elm does not ship to my area and IKEA will, but it’s stupid expensive.

Help me realize my decades old dream of being vaguely hipster?


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