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Expensive Omissions

Because my great Aunt had told us that her visa had been approved and because she bought the plane ticket, we assumed she was going to be in the states yesterday. And so my grandmother wanted to take her to see the Rockettes and so I bought them the non-refundable tickets. You can see where this is going, right?

In great aunt speak, recieved the visa meant that she’d gotten an appointment at the embassy on the day she was supposed to fly out. And she didn’t factor in the days of paperwork. And she waited until the day she was supposed to fly in to fill in these details. She’s now rescheduling to come in next month for my grandmother’s birthday, ‘cause she’d only chosen to fly in now for a family thing that she’ll miss.


So uh yeah, now I have 3 tickets to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular Christmas afternoon. What have the people in your life failed to tell you that ended up costing you?

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