I know GT is home to many folks with some chronic fatigue issues and was hoping I might be able to get some advice!

I’ve been sleeping normally, 8 hours or more, and am still just so tired every, single, day. Today I am so tired from just two classes and an event that I may not even be able to take my dog on a 10 minute walk. And I have another night class tonight that I don’t even want to begin to think about.

This has become a pattern where certain things will push me to the brink, but I’m always hovering at a baseline of exhaustion every day with no clear reason why. I was almost as tired this Saturday when I did almost absolutely nothing all day!


I’m mixing up words, forgetting things left and right, and am much slower at processing information right now. I think I’m at the point where I need to go to a doctor. I’m a grad student and am involved in a lot of leadership roles that I can’t just leave by the wayside. But I also recognize the need to take care of myself so that I don’t crash and burn.

I’m desperately in need of advice.

1) What were your experiences in going to the doctor...how do you impart to them the impact this is having on your quality of life and that it’s not just that you need more coffee?

2) I’d also love some coping mechanisms or strategies that people have found to be successful in dealing with this. How do you stay on top of things when your mind feels like sludge? How do you force yourself to still go out and do things? How do you balance self care with living your life?