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UPDATE: My appointment went well. My doctor recommended Ido a half dose 5mg for 14 days before stopping. As we talked she asked:

-if I have been and plan to continue talking to a therapist, and what their feelings on this decision were

-things to look out for while I wean off and asked me about my support network.

-checked with me twice that I was sure I wanted to go completely off the drugs for now vs. transitioning to someone else, and was supportive when I confirmed that I was sure.


All in all I feel like my GP should teach classes on how to be supportive and professional when discussing a patient’s wishes in regards to mental health support and I love her even more than I did before this conversation. <3

I’ve been on Lexapro for almost 4 months now and I hate it. I started taking it primarily for anxiety with some depression mixed in.

Since I started taking it I’m irritable and short tempered, I have zero energy and zero desire to DO anything. I’m having trouble sleeping and am tired all the time. On top of that I’ve put on 10 pounds, after steadily and healthily losing weight over the 18 months prior, and I have less than zero sex drive (everything works mechanically, just no appetite for it, which is a huge change for me.)

All of these symptoms started within a week of starting on Lexapro, and haven’t shown any sign of balancing out or normalizing. LadyK is working again, and her lack of employment was my #1 anxiety stresser, so I really want to come off the drugs and see if I can get back to being me without the anxiety being unmanageable.


My therapist is on the fence but not against it, and I’ve got a doctor’s appointment on Thursday to discuss it with my MD, but I wanted to crowdsource for any experiences tapering off Lexapro or similar drugs. <3

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