Well first we hit Goodwill my mother bought something. Of course she told the cashier who also puts away stuff, that we would be nack. Yup we hit Michaells, bought nothing they do not stock gold gilt paint amd Target I got a Nintendo eshop card for ten dollars. And yup back at Goodwill. This time I first sat.

Was this rude of me. While sitting a couple, mid20s were getting the couch next to me. The woman told the man to sit and she would pay and be bck. I butted in. I told them to ask a stock person of which they were everywhere to move the couch to the backroom. Pay the cashier then pick up the couch at the loading dock. That's what the woman did and it was moved in less then a minute.

I was also sitting since all blue bins would pass before me. Of which if the bin was not clothes or fabric let my mother know asap so we could stick are arms in them. You really need.fast hands for the blue bins. More then once one of us was reaching in and swoop someone went faster. Today we had the bins to ourselves. As my mother was digging in she handed me stuff to put on the shelves. The stock woman seemed happy. It was five pieces.

The pizza experiment. Laat wek I got the gross buffalo.chickem slice. A slice is 1/4 of a 19 inch they heat it up then slice it again. I got the feta cheese topping. It was just feta cheese, no tomato for $2.59 plus a 20 ounce bottle of grape juice for fifty cents. My mother came by to have some. She was right it needed spinaxh. It really was spinach pizza minus spinach.

As a child there was a Greek pizza joint my late gramdmother and her sister and my mother loved. The place made their own pita and take the pita mixture and put it on pizza. They called it spinish pizza. Too many places do not do it with the mixture, they just take the feta cheese put jt on the pizza then put on the spinach. When you make spinach pizza pretend you are making pita, take the mixture and layer it on the pizza dough.