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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Experiment Pie! ??

I was invited at the last minute to a Super Bowl party. I hate to go anywhere empty-handed, so I figured I'd throw together a pie at the last minute. Only to open my freezer and find that I only had cranberries!

So this is my experiment pie:
Cranberries, sugar, water, orange juice cooked together like you're making cranberry sauce, then mixed with almonds. Drain and put that in a pie pan over the crust. Put in the oven at 400. Then mix together the juice from before with some flour, almonds and crushed up maple ginger cookies and pour over the pie while it is in the oven. Post to Groupthink while crossing your fingers that it doesn't taste awful!


You guys, I'm clearly not good under pressure. I have put some of our homemade peppermint schnapps in a jar as a hostess gift to make-up for this pie experiment and I'll probably grab a couple bottles of wine on my way out the door. Tell me this is going to be okay?

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