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After I finished my pita sammie earlier, I realized the pack of guac I opened expired last week. Shrug.

The only expiration dates I ever stuck to were for poultry/fish/seafood (but fuck it for beef or pork, check for smell/sliminess/color).

Honorable mention for sunscreen - which I throw out at the end of each summer because a friend in grad school did chem research on efficacy and noted that it started losing strength long before the actual expiration date.


What are your things where you give zero fucks about expiration? Like dry goods. I don’t even know if pasta expires, I don’t really care if it does. Hard cheese - if it’s not moldy it’s fine. If it is moldy, cut off that chunk and reassess.

What are things you are full-stop THROW AWAY when the expiration date hits?

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