MountainTeen was stomping through the house, back and forth, clearly looking for something. I asked several times, "Are you looking for something? Can I help you?" and in typical teen girl fashion, she just glared and kept stomping around. Finally, at one point, she said, "What's 65 + 65?" I suppressed the urge to say, "Duh" or editorialize on the state of her Algebra 2 grade and simply said, "130," and she said, "Okay, then I need $130."

WHAT THE ... ?????

"I lost my English book, so then I borrowed a friend's and now I can't find that one, so you need to give me $130 to pay for the books. Or I just have to serve a lot of detention."

Well, seeing as how *I* didn't lose the books, I'm thinking detention looks like the logical choice. In what world am I going to pay $130 for your irresponsible behavior? One month before Christmas?


Or ... I'm thinking MountainTeen might get two English books for Christmas.