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Explain something to me

So I started a new job recently. It’s at a warehouse, four nights a week for ten hours.

I started work on a Thursday and I get paid weekly, so the first paycheck was for one day of work. They took out exactly $15 for taxes and withholding.

I just got my second paycheck, thinking there would be $60 taken out.. They actually took out $96.06. What gives?


Also, a few days ago I overheard one coworker say to another during a break that auditors get paid $11 an hour, and a dollar more on the night shift. Well, I’m an auditor on the night shift, and I make $11 an hour, so my coworker (who is not an auditor) is probably misinformed.

Then my SO and I had an argument over whether it’s common practice or not for night shifts to get paid slightly more than day shifts for doing the same work. I was pretty sure that it was because of the added inconvenience of working overnights. SO Menkana disagrees. Can you help us settle this debate?

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