A hardcore libertarian wouldn’t normally be into Bernie Sanders right? I’m witnessing a friend of mine who calls herself libertarian argue that Bernie is a libertarian candidate. I know libertarianism is really broad but...?!

Is this becoming a thing? Am I falling behind? Am I more of an idiot than I thought?

1) I am even bothering with this because this person is very smart and I don’t feel like inserting myself into her Facebook fight.

2) She is really doubling down on this shit.

I’m irritated because I am mega socialist and it is for that reason I am planning to vote for Bernie in the primaries. I would like some improvement on some fronts with him but he most closely matches my ideologies.


But I hate libertarians! I always hate them! I think it is glorified feudalism on a large scale because no, the free market does not solve everything.

[I’m aware this is Larry David, aka Bernie Sanders 1.0]