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Explain to me why I find this frustrating UPDATE

I sent a message stating my concerns about this to the organizer and she let me know that she’s changing it back to the original date, a week before and she apologized. I think she got a lot of messages.

I mentioned that there will be a Nazi rally in SF soon. A few counter protests have been planned nearby.


A pink flamingo party at Dolores Park (an hour away by public transit) has rebranded itself as a protest event using the rationale that we shouldn’t give the nazis the attention. I mean, they’re actively trying to recruit participants from the other counter protests that are happening closeto or at the Nazi rally.


Tell me I’m just being bitchy, because my first instinct is to think, “I see, you all just want to get high at Dolores Park and instagram that shit while feeling like you’re Resistance Fighters.”


I get that there should be alternative means of protest, but I am still deeply frustrated.

I want to be wrong.

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