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Exposed back dress, or, do I even wear a bra?

Ok, so I've been on ModCloth all day. Because I need some new clothes, and I found a lot of cute things (must...not...spend...over budget!). But one thing I found I absolutlely adore. The problem? How do I do the whole bra thing?

Here's the back of the dress:

Illustration for article titled Exposed back dress, or, do I even wear a bra?

I'm only a 32C, which I think is about average. The sizing, I guess, would be small (unrelated: should I always order a size up on ModCloth? I'm about a size 0/2, so that would make me a small on the site. Any ModCloth experiences on here?). I'm just worried that my breasts would either look like they're falling (but they tend to stay in place anyways), or that my nipples will show. I don't want my bra straps to show, and I guess I could buy one of those cross-strap bras, but I don't even know if that would work!

By the way, happy Memorial Day everyone! I'm listening to the loud music the hotel next to me is playing and wishing I was by that pool with a drink.

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