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The Federal Court of Canada has upheld the refugee claims of 39 members of the Racz family, a family of Hungarian Romas. In 2011, three generations of the family fled anti-Roma violence in Gyongyospata, a village the family had lived in for 500 years.

In 2013, the refugee board of Canada accepted the family's claims and they were granted asylum. However the immigration minister immediately appealed the decision. The year before the government had changed the rules in an attempt to stem the flow of Hungarian Roma asylum seekers to Canada by adding Hungary to a "safe countries" list. The government did not deny that the family had been subject to harassment and threats, but argued that the court had not properly assessed the Hungarian government's ability to protect the family.


In rejecting the government's appeal the judge pointed out that the Hungarian government had taken no meaningful actions to protect the family from the threats made against them.


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