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Welcome To The Bitchery

I pass out at conversations about medical procedures.

I pass out at hospitals, doctor's offices, waiting rooms, scenes with blood being drawn.


I can't even look at someone who has bandaging from giving blood without getting light headed.

I passed out getting my tattoo. Yes. I have a tattoo.

I am now sitting in the car waiting for my husband to finish with the doctor. The kidney specialist who was explaining to us the results of all his tests. My husband is scared and needs support and I almost passed out.



I went to the car, calmed down, and went back in.

Of course I still left when it came time to draw blood. Let's not be ridiculous.


And the news wasn't terrible. They still want to monitor his kidneys but to make sure they aren't deteriorating further. They confirmed our low sodium diet we started last week so my husband was a bit sad. They also found calcium in his kidneys but he has never had stones. Still more tests to come.

They explained how they came to the conclusion that the one kidney wasn't working but we will never find out why without a biopsy but they can't do a biopsy since he only has one working kidney.

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