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Extreme Makeover: Homeless Guy Edition

I'm a bit of a sucker for 'transformation' shows (I once went to see Carson Kressley from Queer Eye speak). And I think this is really cool in theory, because looking good are big components of self-worth and motivation for many people. I'm a big proponent of plastic surgery and the like too — if you can afford it and are doing it for yourself, power to ya!

It's also undeniable that appearance is a factor in hiring—a huge factor. I once took a career prep class and we had a whole week focused on interview looks. Take your blue hair and nose ring elsewhere, freaks (just kidding, of course, you're still way more hirable then the fatties LOLRIGHT)!


Still, something about this doesn't entirely sit right with me...but I can't put my finger on what. I think it might be the way it's framed as a publicity stunt. I guess getting more attention for a charity isn't a bad goal, and it seems that the man (Jim Wolf) approved of being in the video, but my exploitation senses were tingling. I'm not sure if that's justified or not—maybe I'm just so used to homeless people being exploited that I'm being overly sensitive.

I think my issue is that when I initially saw this, it was just the video being posted without context—leaving people free to add in their own "lol if homeless people weren't too lazy to shower and brush their hair, they would all be CEOs" subtext.

Here's the link for a bit more background and here's the charity website.

Also sorry if this has been covered here already, I've been so busy for the last few days.

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