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Eye make up help?

Well, I don't know if this counts as make up per se but I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for stuff to help with puffiness and dark circles? Besides, you know, getting an actual good night's sleep 'cause THAT ain't happening.

I don't wear make up and I wear thick eyeglasses, so I'm kind of fucked where my face is concerned. I've noticed lately that the bags under my eyes have gotten out of control and it's starting to bother me. I looked at the eye care page on Sephora and was overwhelmed by all the choices (and the prices, holy shit). I don't know what ANY of this shit does. I just don't want to look exhausted all the time.


For reference, the only stuff I do use on my face is from Lush, but they don't make eye stuff so I'm willing to branch out because my eyes are REALLY starting to bug me.


Edit: I also spend about... twenty seven hours a day staring at a computer or screen or reading, so that probably doesn't help. Suggestions?

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