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Because my eyes had to get worse!

So my eye(s) have been bothering for a while, but I just assumed it was allergies. I finally got my ass to the eye doctor today. As he's looking at my left eye he just goes "that's...interesting."


Turns out how I have what he referred to as (if I'm remembering correctly) "epithelial deposits" on the cornea of my left eye. He just said it happens sometimes, and it can be a reaction. From what, I don't know.


So for the next two weeks, I have to use these steroid eye drops 4x a day, lubricating drops throughout the day, and put what is basically thinned out Vaseline in my eyes before I go to sleep.

I also may never be able to wear contacts again, and will probably never be able to get Lasik.

And oh, right. If the drops don't work and I need surgery? I'm screwed because I can't have surgery on my eyes. It won't heal properly due to my chronic dryness.

I've just accepted that I'm going to be blind one day.

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