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Eyerolls (a rant, as if it was November 9th)

Random Liberal: “Trump is President because the Democratic party put a bad candidate forth.” [didn’t vote for Hillary, Trump wins] “See?”

  1. I only respect Random Liberal not voting for Hillary if Random Liberal had actual reasons that weren’t fabricated, and actual reasons Random Liberal thought that Trump would either not be a bad president or actually make a better one than Hillary. Thinking Hillary would win no matter what DOESN’T COUNT as an excuse, either.
  2. However, this conversation above assumes that Random Liberal understands how bad of a president Trump would make and viewed it as very important he didn’t win, which is where Random Liberal’s criticism of this all being the Democratic Party’s fault comes from.
  3. Random Liberal, instead of looking at the world with seriousness, decided to stop for ice cream and lost the damn race, when the rest of us were waiting on him to pass the baton, and somehow fails to recognize his own role in this self-fulfilling prophecy.

I’m open to and have always been open to criticism of Hillary when it is founded in truth, but where that stops is that we were given two choices for President, and people made the decision to not back the better one. Full stop. One of the choices was a turd sandwich on fire, and the other was just a fucking edible ham sandwich not on fire, but maybe some people prefer turkey over ham.

I will never forgive these fucking people. Yes, I hope they learned their lesson about how life is real and things have consequences and that no, “shaking up the establishment” for its own sake will not always create a positive outcome. But I will not forgive.


Rant brought to you by a Facebook friend whose ass is real chapped about Keith Ellison.


ETA: Just so we’re clear, I actually voted for Bernie in our primary, which was early on. I would have changed my mind for later though based on his inability to be specific about policy. I would have likely gladly voted for him in the general though, against any Republican (let alone Trump).

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