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Sun News Media Host calls late Canadian Prime Minister "a slut"

Ezra Levant, a commentator on Canadian Fox News wannabe, Sun Media, went on a rather bizarre rant after Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau photo bombed a wedding picture by giving the bride a kiss on the cheek.

Trudeau asked the bride's permission before giving her a chaste peck on the cheek, but somehow Levant saw something sinister in this. This caused him to go on a rant about Justin's parents, Margaret and Pierre Elliot Trudeau saying:

""Both Pierre Trudeau and Margaret Trudeau were promiscuous," Levant said. "And publicized how many conquests they had. Eh, they didn't even pretend to keep their oaths to each other," Levant said.


"Liona Boyd. Margot Kidder. Kim Cattrall. He banged anyone, he was a slut," he said. "And Justin Trudeau's mom — showing her there at Studio 54," Levant said, of the picture of Margaret on the screen. "We had to blur it out because well she didn't like to wear panties back then. Well, she wasn't much different. And reportedly tended towards rock musicians. But also [U.S.] Senator Ted Kennedy too."

"Now, if that's your moral compass, huh, well kissing another man's bride on her wedding day is pretty cool," Levant said. "I'm not saying Trudeau got sexual with this bride. I'm just saying he invaded a personal intimate day.""

Wow. Just wow.

I really hope Margot Kidder and Kim Catrall have a go at Levant, as they are freer to speak their minds than Justin Trudeau. Justin Trudeau for his part, has complained to Sun Media's parent company Quebecor Inc. and is refusing to speak to anyone from Sun Media until there is a satisfactory outcome to his complaint.



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