Ezra Levant, the Sun Media commentator who called late Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau a slut, and called the Roma people "shiftless bunch if hobos" is at it again.

This time he accused a school board of kowtowing to Muslim groups by suggesting that schools that take their students to the cenotaph should offer alternate in-school activities for those whose parents did not want them going to the cenotaph.

Here's the problem. The memo he was ranting about said nothing exempting Muslims. It referenced the two recent attacks on Canadian Forces personnel, one of which occurred at the National War Memorial, and said that parents have been phoning the board expressing fears that cenotaphs might be targeted on Remembrance Day.

Among the links for educators included in the memo, were acouple of links about Canadian Muslims in the Military, which apparently Levant took to mean that Muslim parents were the ones objecting. However, he seems to completely have missed the fact that the fact that Muslims are being specifically referenced in the memo means that the Board was specifically trying to include Muslims in the Remembrance Day observances.

Finally on behalf of the family of the Muslim Kindergartener who brought in an unsolicited donation for her poppy yesterday, and then as I was pinning it on her announced "My Mommy will be so happy. She loves Remembrance Day Poppies.":

Piss off, Ezra Levant