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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Straight up raging vent ahead.

Some idiot student (who is a grown ass adult with children and everything) plagiarized really fucking poorly on xir paper and when I tried to copy the url of the first site xe cheated from (because, yes, there are fucking multiple instances of plagiarism in the first two paragraphs!!) to send xir a link like, I know what you fucking did, my computer freaked the fuck out and I’m pretty sure it has a terrible virus now all because some asshole was too lazy/stupid to do xir own work.


And now I have to try to grade the rest of the papers on my laptop, which will only give me a small portion of our LMS’s page at a time, so it’s going to take that much more time and patience to grade the rest of the papers again, all because this fucking asshole couldn’t be adult enough to do xir own work. And now I REALLY don’t have any patience.

And how does copying a URL do anything bad to a computer, goddamit? Like, wtf?

If I have to replace this computer, which I better fucking not, that will be the third fucking computer I will have had to replace because of my students in like 6 years. WHAT A FUCKING ASSHOLE. I AM SO FUCKING FURIOUS RIGHT NOW.

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