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Welcome To The Bitchery

It is currently about 5 am where I’m at and during my recent bout of sleeplessness, I came across this fucking article. So I used to be an Azealia Banks fan, but her erratic twitter tantrums turned me off. But when news about her fight with Russell Crowe broke, one of my questions was what happened that made her flip out? Like, most people are not going to just start throwing a fit out of nowhere. Their response may be out of proportion, but there is usually a spark that starts it. And now we have it.

Rza admits that Crowe spat at her, choked her up, and called her a nigger. And Rza watched all of this go down and didn’t do shit!!!!!!! Didn’t defend her then, didn’t defend her in the press. So when she justifiably lost her shit about a man putting hands on her and no one came to her aid, she was dismissed as another angry crazy black women.


And commenters, don’t dare try to use her past antics to justify Crowe’s behavior because unless she put hands on him, there is no justification for a man CHOKING a woman.

Rza was too busy being the industry “hardcore” bad boy turned neighborhood coon to come to the aid of a WOC. Fuck him so hard. Seriously, fuck him.

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