Today I went into Starbucks to get a gift card for my UPS driver. This store has heavy glass doors that open out onto the street. There was a man walking toward the doors from the inside, but he was further away from them than I was, so I pulled the door and walked in. As he passed he said "You're not going to hold the door for me?"

My jaw dropped, and I almost followed him out onto the street to yell at him. The rest of the context is that we've been having a nasty nor'easter here today and I'm 38 weeks pregnant (this is why I didn't follow him— I am too physically vulnerable right now). So what this guy was complaining about was that I didn't open the door, step aside outside in the rain, wait for him to reach the door and pass, and then and only then should I have gone through myself. While basically ready to drop this baby any time.

I'm not say that pregnant women are special snowflake goddesses that everyone else should bend over backwards to accommodate. I'm used to standing on the subway, as I was five minutes before this happened. I am happy to open the door for myself, and I'll hold it for you too if the situation warrants it. But, come on!