In my job I provide assistance and support to approximately 70 "teams" spread across more than 20 different locations. These teams have to play nice with teams in other departments (2) both at their location and in other locations. When the teams don't all play nice, our common tasks don't get done.

Because they don't play nice, I was asked (by my teams) to arrange with the other two departments a set of "come to Jesus" meetings where the various teams would all come together with their counterparts in other locations and create their own master plan for accomplishing their tasks complete with deadlines and list of responsible parties.

After four months of meetings, proposals and counter proposals, and vetting teams, (all led by me in conjunction with the other 2 departments) the dates, locations, and times were all scheduled and approved. We're talking over 300 people split into various teams across more than a total of 40 locations. Logistics nightmare!

This afternoon I get a nasty gram from a member of one of my teams, Special Snowflake, who is huffing about not being given a choice of time, date, and location. She. is. busy!! She should get choice, not be directed at attend. Her assigned time was not convenient, so she should get to reschedule (affecting at least 40 other people) She is not being treated as a peer and professional.... Blah, blah, blah.

Note: she was one of the biggest whiners about other teams not working with her team and begging for me to schedule this.

Note 2: When the meetings were scheduled, all people were offered either coverage or comp time for attendance AND given the option of having another team at their location represent them at the meeting.


I would LOVE to offer everyone a choice and allow them to work out scheduling on their own. Guess what? That is the way we did it before AND NOTHING GOT DONE. F- you Snowflake. If you don't show up, and your stuff doesn't get completed as a result, I will NOT cover your ass and go behind you to clean up your mess.

I'm so happy it is Friday!