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FAA Now Declares Ferguson, MO a No-Fly Zone

Yes. Those were words I just wrote about a town in the fucking Midwest of the United States of America.

The FAA has just issued a no-fly warning over the town of Ferguson, MO.

FAA No Fly


(Don't read the comments!)

EDIT: and thanks to Gamecat325, here is the actual order from the FAA.

Beyond diverting a bit of airport traffic, this means that news helicoptors cannot fly over Ferguson and record the scene. This comes on the heels of police tear-gassing reporters and telling them they could not enter the town last night.

What in the actual fuck are we allowing to happen to our citizens?

Hands Up in Ferguson; Journalists Blocked From Reporting


EDIT: According to several sources, the no-fly ban has now been lifted. Brian Ries from Mashable reports that the police department requested the ban after a police helicopter came under fire. (From what? Not sure there are a wealth of StA missiles hanging out in St Louis.) It's worth noting that the helicopter allegedly came under fire on Sunday night, but the ban was not issued until today.

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