I need a new outfit for work functions/parties/occasions on which the usual thrown-together combination of sweater/scarf/skirt is just not adequate. I want something that is comfortable, that won't show the back fat (or the front fat) and yet is not too caftan-y or too boring. Pockets would be a plus (especially for work functions where I inevitably have to carry at least one set of keys around). The other day I got a mail-order catalogue from the Victorian Trading Co., and this dress was featured:

Now, what I need to know is, fab or fugly? Personally I love it. The colours are exactly my colours (yellow, orange and green). It has sleeves, so no one need view the horror of my untoned upper arms. I could wear it with a scarf or a simple jacket if I needed an extra layer. I'm short, plump, and 49: ruffles are not for me, nor is the tailored look (which I can destroy in seconds). I already own at least 2 pairs of shoes that would be perfect with this dress, not to mention any amount of jewellery. I like its vintage look (I'm pretty vintage myself at this point) and, again, the colours are totally me. The person who can weigh in most knowledgeably is OWYAC, who knows what I look like IRL, but what do the rest of you think? Too floozy? Too artsy? Would I look like mutton dressed as lamb (one of my greatest fears)? Help a sister out here!