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Mostly Halloween-related purchases, although I somehow always find something for me as well.

My oldest is going as a mermaid, so the four purply blue pieces are for her. That scaley piece was actually a remnant that she found digging around in the remnant bin. Quite a find for an 8 year old. The red is a snuggly fleece for a cape for my 5 year old. She's going as Thor.


The flowery piece is for me, of course. There are also hidden bunny rabbits on it. Got 3 metres for $15.00 and it's a lovely light cotton sateen. I also got a couple of patterns on clearance:

It's news to me that stores even sell patterns on clearance when they're discontinued. When I worked in a fabric store about - oh god I started working at one 20 years ago - we were supposed to throw out discarded patterns but the companies only ever wanted the envelope flaps back as evidence we threw them out but we always just took them home under the table. Naughty naughty. Anyway, I plan to make one of those pretty shirtdresses on the left with that fabric.

All in all, a successful trip!

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