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Welcome To The Bitchery

Face and kitty face good things!

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Oh hai thar! Ignore my squalor and yes, I'm using my cat and her rbf to cover a zit.


My fancy but broken glasses fell out of my bag and I had to replace them with some Warby Parkers (FYI: my phone tried to change Warby to warg. ASoIaF/GoT fan alert!). I like them despite the fact that my father that I am already a carbon copy of has the same pair. New face!

Also, I've been on a 5 month waiting list to get Scout Finch to see one of the (out of my price range!) two animal dental specialist in the area and someone cancelled so I was able to take her in yesterday after waiting only two months. First of all, the vet asked me if I had a Boo Radley at home and won me over immediately. Appointment went ok. He agrees that she likely has stomatitis that just isn't really going away despite the teeth extraction. Her weight is good. She is eating well on the steroids plus lysine she is on. And trust me that she has energy. I woke up to her poking me in the face with her paw to remind me about breakfast today. He wants me try and space out her meds more so we can find a slow slow taper to no more meds? Or worst case: more expensive procedures. But baby steps for now.

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