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I don't spend a lot of time on Facebook anymore, because this place takes up most of my internet time now. But I was on facebook for a minute tonight and I saw two people post this 28th amendment thing that everyone has been talking about. One of them I really like and I think she's misguided so I just posted that there was no 28th amendment. The other one, well she's batshit crazy. She's the person who you worry will come into work after they quit/are fired and shoot the place up. And she's SO republican. Anyhow, I posted something that I normally wouldn't post because she's not the type of person you want to poke. But I don't work with her anymore so fuck it. I was like "There is no 28th amendment. You might want to check that before you post things like this." And then I looked around facebook and found all these obviously fake posts about Obamacare and I was sick of it. So I posted this on my wall.

Attention everyone! Everything you read or that gets passed around facebook is not the truth. You need to actually research for yourself. Don't just post shit because it seems crazy. If it seems too good to be true, a quick google search or a search on snopes.com would be a good idea. Those crazy things you get as forwards, or things that people post that are such horrible and crazy things that happened to them, but you actually don't know where it originated? Usually it's been passed around for YEARS. PEOPLE MAKE SHIT UP ON THE INTERNET. It's true. This has been a public service.

I'll probably get shit for it but I don't care. I'm so sick of people blindly passing stuff around.


Also? My increased presence here directly correlates to the hugeass test I have in anatomy on Tuesday. Procrastination and denial.

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