Apparently I have a lot of facebook friends who have "liked" WW in the past. Or maybe still do. Not my place to judge how people feel about their weight and what they want to do because of it.

However, I am sick of all the fucking WW adds in my feed. So-and-so likes Weight Watchers omg watch our video about butts in jeans. (I have not watched the video - I'm assuming it's not about loving your body the way it is.) I keep thinking they won't post that one again....NOPE.

I understand that it's the beginning of the year and tons of people make resolutions to lose weight. If I were WW, I would probably advertise heavily, too.

It's just that the other ads are for plus-size clothing. Because I am plus-sized. Like, can I get a fucking facebook feed without advertising contingent on worrying about my body and how it looks?