So I got into my first Facebook fight with a friend of the Geekboy's. My mic-drop moment that I think actually made the breakthrough: "The reason I'm so passionate about this is because for me this is a decision that affects my health and well-being. Literally my health. And the religious beliefs of a stranger can stop me from receiving medicine that I need."

Anytime you change a conservative's mind an angel get it's wings. True story bro.

Of course for that to happen it has to happen to someone the person knows. And then they get it. Occasionally. Rarely. We seem to be okay but I'm doubting that we hang out for a couple weeks. Just to be safe.

Something I saw the Geekboy post on a public page: "The 21st century, and we are still in the dark ages. I can't wait to move to Canada.* USA: Old men who don't care about woman, and just money. It would be different if they had a vagina between their legs." I'll turn that man into a feminist yet!

*Apparently we're moving to Canada. I wasn't aware of this but I'm assuming it's hyperbole. If not who's couch can we sleep on?