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Facebook Hellbent On Connecting People Even If Folks Died

First this memo is scary to read. The writer VP Andrew Bosworth wrote it saying now he did not believe what he wrote then and meant to be provocative. Zuckerberg also disagrees with the memo.

You know what? I do not believe either. Connecting folks by a third party has lead to death. Case in point the Jenny Jones show she did an episode in 1995. The episode was secret crushes. She connected a gay man with the object of his crush. Soon after the connection the object of the crush killed the other man.

Yes this was a forced connection. Yet how often especially in the last year do we hear friendships ending over facebook posts, the bullying, the suicides by young people, actually suicides by young people due to internet bullying needs to end. How often do you read here or elsewhere people enraged by political posts.


Unlike usenet or forums where people remain fairly anonymous FB is the reverse. Its sole objective is to connect folks not with fake names but real names who have real addresses.

You combine this with many folks allowing their id to take over when posting. What I mean is the internet has a unique ability that let’s people post and write things they would probably not say face to face. Too many people are weak and allow the id control.

So we have already a case of murder over a connection in 1995. We have seen the anger that has boiled up between relatives and friends over facebook especially over the last election. We have seen data mining used for manipulation. We have also seen stalking because of facebook making it easier for exes to follow people.

It does not take a rocket scientist to know how uberdangerous this could be. Just the fact the internet can often bring out the id in is a main ingrediant on getting someone killed especially where their real name and adress is known. Object of FB is to connect family and friends. We have all known people who refused to join facebook because they were afraid of friendships or family connections ending. How quickly in life does anger turn to murder? A lot. How often do we hear of exes stalking and killing their exes? Many folks may not know their exes is stalking them.


Oh this does not even count the strangers who connect on Facebook who have access to people names and addresses. Remember purpose of Facebook is real connections. How many of these strangers use the info for bad reasons. We know companies do. What happens when a bigot discovers a neighbor via Facebook is gay, liberal, conservative etc. a potentially dangerous situation.

Death due to Facebook via murder or suicide is something that could be seen a mile away. I am shocked it has not happened more. Death via Craigslist has already been well documented and I believe their user base is smaller. Yes suicide as a result of bullying on Facebook should be considered murder.


My suggestion. Shut down Facebook then rebuild this time with invites reversed. A user would have to invite who they want to connect with. So if Jane Doe notices John Smith who was a gradeschool classmate is on Facebook Jane would have to invite John to join her page. John could not ask Jane to join her page. The only public info would be name and a biography the user would write.


If you are a business only then could invites be done as they are now but that’s it.

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