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Dear Facebook: I hate everyone on you (statutory rape)

My FB friend (eh, maybe acquaintance) posted this story with the shown comment. I agree with him - shit is awful.


And the comments..ugh. I mean, I'm not surprised. I barely know this guy (he is a friend's ex but I love his photography so I still am his FB friend) and I literally know none of these commenters. I am trying to decide whether to go all FUCK THE PATRIARCHY on them or to try to achieve inner peace. That black box on there? IS A FUCKING PICTURE OF THE VICTIM. I highlighted my least favorite comments. The colors are matched per the person who said them, not that it really matters. Little Miss Fuschia is on my shit list.

I get it; society tells this kid that sex with two of his teachers is the thing he wants most in life. They were caught because he bragged about it. I fucking get it. But he's a teenager and these women are in a position of power over him. And I really don't want to get into a philosophical conversation about the age of consent laws, guys. We all get the point.



I think I might just be like, "hey guys, let's all remember this person is the victim of statutory rape when we talk about him - regardless of how hot you don't think he is."

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